Frequently Asked Questions

Antenna is a non MCPS production music library created by experienced soundtrack composers Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk, together an award winning team called The Insects.

Our licence has been created to simplify the process for any production, the foundation being unlimited music usage cleared for worldwide broadcast for all media always.

Whilst TV & Radio productions are licenced for free, other rights can be added – you can use our music for any other use – film, trailers, advertising so email or call us on +44 7771 557349 to chat about what you need.

Licence Agreement

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How does the licensing work?

Antenna is a non-MCPS library.

How do I get started?

You can listen to our music from the outset – just search or navigate the site and click play on any track. If you want to download a .wav of the track, you need to register for a free account first. Our T&Cs have more information about the use of any of the music on our site, would be good to take a quick look or email us at  

How do i sign up for an account on Antenna?

Link to sign up page 

  • You’ll get a confirmation email from us then you’re all set to search and download music – in the search window by keyword or from the 16 categories under the Discover tab and their subcategories
  • Downloading is easy – if you like the sound of a piece of music click on the download icon on the right.
  • If your final edit includes our music, contact us for your licence. or +44 7771 557349
  • If you have a brief and would like a hand to get started on finding pieces in the library, we can curate a playlist, drop us a note at  
  • And finally, any tech problems from forgetting your password on, just get in touch

What about the Songs category? How does the licensing work for full songs?

If you’re interested in licensing any of the songs in our Songs category, please drop us a note at and we can talk about what you’re looking to use it for and then outline the terms.

Is Antenna covered by PRS?

Antenna Music is PRS registered.

What bit-rate are the .wav files? Are they broadcast quality?

The .wav files are broadcast standard – 48kHz  24 bit